Project Science Life

together with & sponsored by

Griffith University

Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre
Department of Education and Training


Sunday, 24th until Wednesday 27th of June 2018

Not all students have access to advanced education and universities. Either not having the funds or simply not live close to a major city or a university campus.

This is unfortunate and even if we like to change this, immediate actions are difficult. Nevertheless, this scenario also exist in our own country and in our state we live. The Tablelands Region (Far North Queensland) offers neither major universities nor a local excess to further higher educations.

But in this situation imme diate actions are possible and the Lions Club International took actions ...

The Lions Club Brisbane Central (initiated by our fellow members Isolde Neugart and Detlef Sulzer) contacted the Griffith University and a few Lions clubs, locally and from the Tablelands, to fill the gap and to open up a platform for high-school students from the Tablelands. Without any long and drawn out negotiations we setup the first "Science Life" event in 2015, which was a complete success. The feedback from both, students and the university, was very positive, so we decided to organise this project again and the participating Lions Clubs payed the bursaries to make it happen.

And this year we are holding this event the fourth time - with 20 students!